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Thursday, 17 March 2011

A Word from our Producer

Since starting the blog for "I've Seen Angels", I'd always
envisaged that other members of the cast and crew could
write their experiences about the film.  So here, a few
months later, Mr.Reliable himself, our producer Steve Sellers
is the first one in.  Hopefully this will nudge the other cast
and crew members into doing theirs!

Whenever I am asked to Produce a Project I always start with
"So what's the Budget?" With "I've Seen Angels" there was no budget
and although we didn’t have the restraints on equipment and
resources that Major Studios have, we still needed props, getting
to locations etc. The crew that we had for the film were amazing.
Everyone pitched in. Whether it was offering lifts to locations,
securing locations for free having begged and borrowed or even kitting
out a set so as it looked like a Hospital room. And no one was
“big headed about it”. For me, this was the first film that I enjoyed
going onto set, pitching in and making it, well, come to life. I think
for "I've Seen Angels", this was the Unique selling point. "I've Seen Angels"
 touches people in different ways, for me it is a reminder that life is
too short. This became even more apparent when I lost my Grandad in the course of
the shooting.

For the first time, I experienced as a producer what it was like working in
an enjoyable environment. Everyone just got along. Producing I've Seen Angels
was an absolute joy and I have to say that throughout the course of the filming,
a few crew members shone through and seem to relish the chance at working in a
professional team. Everyone always says that the Actor brings the Script to life.
But, where would they be without the crew. The actors are only on screen and don’t
experience what the crew do.  This is evident in Cath Morris for instance.  She is
dedicated beyond reproach and never waits to step in, make you feel good about
yourself and is good at what she does. I remember on set when we closed the set down
for the famously dubbed “saucy” scene . Me and Cath were outside the door just
chatting  when she takes a crisp and pretends that the shoe is going to eat it.
Cath was 1st Assistant Director on set, but in the true sense of the word, she was
the mother of the Crew.

Another person who shone was Cai Thompson, the DP. I have worked with Cai on
various occasions before but with this film he was just  enthusiastic, dedicated and
excited about filming it. To this day, Cai says that what he did was rubbish, in
all honesty he thinks all his work is rubbish. But what he did on set and off it was
truly shocking. He was able to think up shots, visualise them and then get on with it,
even arguing with the director about shots and ideas which he thought were good. Whether he just has a thirst for Cinematography, or is just good at what he does, we will know,
when the audience view the film.

Producing Ive Seen Angels, has given me the chance and without sounding to cheesy to work  with some talented Young People, and to get my own quote. In Lord of the Rings Gandalf has a classic quote, which I adpoted with a little adjustment.
"A Producer is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to””
And lets face it Who knows there may be another Roger Deakins or a young David Lynch in
the group. Young people have always had bad press. But when someone asks "what have young people done that’s so good?" Just take a look at this group of young people, who have collectively made a Short Film, in West Wales with no budget and with a lot of time
restraints on actors with the support of their peers.

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