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Thursday, 17 March 2011

We Are Slaves and It Is The Master

Whoa!  Long time no see!  Yep, it's been quite a while
since the last blog entry, but as is often the case
there's a reason - in the case the rather mental pace
of post-production work on "I've Seen Angels".

While we haven't been blogging, we've certainly been
busy - not only working on editing, visual effects,
sound design, sound mixing, music creating and recording -
there's also the promotional work - press releases,
marketing materials (especially excited about our limited
edition 'digital book' - it's rather special and beautiful),
posters (will post some of these up soon), and today we
finally managed to get round shooting interviews for our
EPK (Electronic Press Kit for you non-film marketing
people).  What was very special today was meeting up
with Sam Ward, Emily Graham and Jordanna Moran again, and
revisiting the whole experience of making the film, re-living
and recounting things.  It was very humbling to hear their
answers and insights and coming to a realisation of what the
process of making the film meant to these brilliant young
actors.  It was all a truly genuine privelege.

But before all of this has been the intricacies, fixes,
frustrations, inspirations and sheer head f**k of bringing
"I've Seen Angels" to a close.  The film has been shaped
and polished frame by frame (literally pixel by pixel some days!),
audio sample by audio sample.  Sounds, lines, words, colours,
contrasts, sequences, moments, fractions have been cut, recut,
erased, redone - now it feels like the film is making us rather
than we have control over it.  We are slaves and it is the master.

To add to the mix I've also been writing the possible sequel (which
is kind of a prequel - I call it my 'prequel/sequel') - it feels
like there's unfinished business with this story.  It's something
I'm very much looking forward to doing if there's the time - the
most precious commodity of all.  Again, it feels like it is
writing me rather than I have control over it.

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