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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I've Seen Posters and DVD covers

Whilst the slog continues in post (getting the visual effects shots 'perfect',
developing, scoring and recording the music etc.), I've also been taking
time to develop the poster designs (internationally) for "I've Seen Angels".
After much creative thrashing, arguments and discussions, our colleagues at
Grafig have delivered a stunning set of posters and design work - the buzz
from the world-wide film festivals has been very positive and encouraging
which is always an added bonus for any film.

The DVD design has also been developing at a pace - I'm especially happy
with the onbody design - think it looks really memorable and iconic and
compliments the poster design work brilliantly.  Currently at work on
developing a slightly different (limited edition) cover for the very
special (limited edition) DVD which only very special (limited edition)
humans and angels will be able to get their hands and wings on!

If this isn't exciting enough for you, then there's the extremely special
limited edition digital book (running at 42 pages at the moment) which
is packed full of information, behind-the-scenes insights and images
and general all round cool stuff - just a few little sample pages included
here - all virtual of course and virtually carbon free too!

Finally, just to completely blow you away, the official "I've Seen Angels"
website is under construction - the concept behind this is that the
'webspace' is similar to the 'angel space' in the film, but with added unique
content, galleries, info and video material.  The site is now in the
final stages of coding, programming and testing - check out some screengrabs

Finally - the T-shirt - who wants one of these then?

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