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Thursday, 23 December 2010

In Praise of Steve Sellers

Producer Steve Sellers - A.O.K!

Some people have a sense of destiny laid out before them - in the case
of Steve Sellers that destiny is that he'll be a film producer.
It's obvious - he has all of the social, intellectual and creative skills
to achieve this - and that's why he's my producer on "I've Seen Angels".

Steve has produced before, and last summer developed his talents further
working on the BBC Wales/It's My Shout short films training scheme.  Here he
unsurprisingly impressed everyone - so much so that he now has further
production work lined up with them. 

He's always up to something...a restless soul is our Steve.
Steve has the important ability to be able to be learning and developing
consistently - he listens very carefully, reads, researches, watches and is
in that stage of his life where he is cramming his mind full of all kind of
creative influences.  He has a phenomenal work rate, and during the making of
"I've Seen Angels" was ill for a while...but still managed to get through
everything with determination, flair and enthusiasm.  He is also a bit of
a rarity in this day and age - a true gentleman.

When you put carbon under pressure you get diamonds.  I've got Steve Sellers.

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